Lavender Wedding Tips

Floral Crowns with Herbs

  • Measure a length of heavy raffia covered wire to your head size.
  • Gather up sturdy lavender stems, baby's breath, thyme, bay leaves and break them into several tiny bundles - about 5-7 stems per bundle
  • Use fine jute twine or kitchen cord to wrap the bundle onto your length of wire, follow a regular and consistent pattern when placing in your herb bundle
  • Keep your tension firm and even as your fresh herbs will shrink as they dry.
  • Tie ribbons on the ends of your wire base and you are done!

The Bouquet

Lavender comes in varying shades of blues, purples, white and pink. Gather up a large bundle that tickles your fancy!

Place your stems into small bundles, stripping the leaves from the stems as you work. Keep the tops of the flowers even.

Work in a circular fashion, adding small bundles at regular intervals as you work. Do a simple lavender bouquet or add in anything you find from your garden for a rustic look

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