Becoming the Garden Destination of the Year

This winter we were selected as the Garden Destination of the Year by the Canadian Garden Council – an award that completely blew us away. When we first opened our doors in 1999, we had a tiny gift shop and a short pathway that ran alongside our old vineyard, with a small field of lavender lining the opposite side. Becoming a garden worthy of national recognition was not even in our sights. At the time, we were busy frequenting the Kelowna Farmer’s Market with the hope of spreading awareness about our little farm in the hills.

In 2008, the opportunity arose for us to significantly expand our garden when we had to remove our vineyard due to winter damage. We worked alongside landscape architect and cousin Ben Walker to design and transform three acres of now open field into an eye-catching and compelling garden space. We dug a hole to build a pond. We built up part of the land into mounds for visual interest. A hedge maze was planted, herb and xeriscape gardens were created and our wishing tree was constructed. And of course, more lavender was put in too.

In 2010 when our new garden was complete, we were excited by its creation but couldn’t quite imagine the full effect. Being a newly planted space, the plants were young, the trees were short and the hedge maze was easy to see through. We knew it needed time to transform, and the wait was worth it! Each year the plants filled out a little more, the trees grew taller and the hedge maze became more and more difficult to solve.

We began running guided tours to educate visitors about the ins and outs of our working herb farm, and we organized workshops to teach others about the incredible power of plants. It became a garden we were proud of, with a kaleidoscope of colour and fragrance throughout the growing season that never ceases to amaze us. And in 2017 we received the recognition that made us all sit back and say yes! and wow! All of our hard work was worthwhile.

We have an incredible team of staff and family that work alongside us, many since day one, and there is no doubt that we made it to where we are today because of their support and dedication. We are still a small family farm, we still sit down together at night and mull over the things that need to be done the next day, the next week, the next month or the next year. But we do it with the knowledge that people appreciate the work we do, the garden we tend to and the experiences and memories that are shared along the way.

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