Designing our New Website

It's true: many changes have been underfoot at the farm. Stretching right back to our roots with the revamp of our logo.

The design of the new logo was by far one of the most thrilling, terrifying, exhausting changes of the season, but it did end up spearheading a few more changes along the way.

It did not take long to realize after our new logo had been decided upon, that there was no way of incorporating it onto the front page of our current website. The styles were different and the feel was no longer the same, so a complete overhaul of our online look was essential!

5 years ago we were blown away by the beautiful online platform our website design team created for the farm. Like our logo before it, at the time of its creation our website beautifully showcased our peaceful lavender farm nestled in the hills. Online shopping was up and coming, and we were blown away by the very idea of having an online store.

Fast forward to this year and the unveiling of our new logo - a design that came about from three small words that encompass everything we strive to deliver at the farm: uncomplicated, simple and real. And once again, like with the logo, we were faced with the dilemma of how to adequately convey those three small words on our website. Luckily this time around, we had a design team working alongside us!

We chose a more natural colour palette, moving away from the vibrant purple of lavender to softer, more organic greens and browns of the earth. We also upgraded our online store to offer our customers a more user-friendly experience. We still want guests to visit our peaceful farm tucked in the hills, but from a more sophisticated view point.

While not as big a change as our logo, the website offers us nonetheless a classic and more professional online presence that we feel truly embodies the growth and development we've experienced at the farm over the part 5 years.

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