DIY Herbal Wreath

The gradual slip into fall is such an inspiring time on the farm. The leaves on the trees change from yellow to orange to red. The swollen white heads on the hydrangeas begin fading into soft pinks. The grasses sway in the crisp morning air, rustling gently with the breeze coming up the valley.

It's a beautiful time, and easily captured in a colourful herbal wreath from the garden. Pick anything and everything that catches your eye. Scattered second blooms on the lavender, crimson rose hips and prickly hops. Hydrangeas, long grass, sage leaves, grape leaves. Be inspired by the colours around you.

You Will Need

3 metre length of willow or grape vine

1 metre length of fine jute twine

Fresh plant material

Floral clippers

Create your Base

Craft the base of your wreath from the garden - take a long piece of grape vine or willow, remove all of the small shoots and leaves, and wind together a base the size of a dessert plate. Tightly tie one end of twine onto your wreath base.

Prepare your Material

Working at a long table, divide your plant material into small bundles of 3-5 stems each. Trim the stems to 4-5 inches in length.

Weave your Wreath

Lay one bundle of material onto the base (on top of where you knotted your twine) and wrap once around the stems with the twine.

Continue criss-crossing your bundles, securing each one with twine, until you complete the circle. Tuck the ends of your last bundle under the blooms of your first and tie off the twine.

Enjoy your Creation

Allow your wreath to dry in a dark, well-ventilated room for one week.

Display your creation out of heat and direct sunlight, and it should maintain its colour and fragrance for years to come!

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