Blending Tips and Tricks

Remove the cap from a bottle of essential oil and you are surrounded by an invisible aroma captured from a plant at its peak. Where did it grow? In a rain forest, a desert, a forest or a farm - the essential oil is the essence of the plant it was extracted from. This oil is how a plant attracts pollinators and defends itself from predators. The art of distillation allows us to separate the oil (essence) and hydrosol (water base) from the plant material to be used in varying applications. 

Lavender essential oil has been used since ancient times as a disinfectant, and to encourage a restful sleep. 

Struggle with falling asleep? Create a ritual to help you relax and sleep well - one of the simplest ways to do this is to blend a Lavender Bath Salt. The joy from crafting a custom blend with essential oil, salt, and herbs is both a contemplative and creative experience.  

Skin Toners are an excellent way to hydrate your skin and can also be a therapeutic experience. Our carefully curated DIY Botanical Blending Kit has 2 floral families to choose from:

Herbal + Earthy combines hydrosols from rosemary, lemon grass and a co-distillation of linden + lavender

Floral + Bright combines hydrosols from spearmint, lemon verbena and a co-distillation of rose + lavender

Each kit contains our thoughtful herb blending guide and all of the ingredients required to blend 2 Facial Toners and 2 Bath Salt Blends. You'll also have extra lavender essential oil, hydrosols and herbs to continue to use afterwards and refill your blending bottles. 

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