Our Philosophy


Our wish is for customers to find their balance – whether it’s a stroll through our gardens, sitting at our aromatherapy counter, engaging with staff or opening one of our mail order boxes, it’s all about an earthly experience.  A deep connection to the land and tradition.  It’s the heightened sense that the ground under your feet, the tea in your cup or toners on your face are rooted in nature.  Handmade, not processed.  Tended passionately to evoke calm and to heal mind, body and spirit.

We strive to achieve this balance by creating fine quality, botanical products from the spray-free herbs and aromatic plants we grow at our farm.

From May to October we are kept very busy in our gardens ensuring that all of our plants are harvested at their peak.  They are then either left to dry in our drying room where they will later be stripped of their blossoms and leaves, or we extract their pure essential oils and hydrosols through the traditional, small-batch steam distillation we do on-site.

To complement what we grow, dry and distill at the farm, we carefully select sustainably sourced, organic and Fair Trade oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals to craft our unique, handmade products that we hope offer a sense of purity, peace and harmony.

Because that is what our farm is all about.  Pure living.  Pure experience.  Pure enjoyment. 


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