On the Farm

As proud stewards of the land, we make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint by preserving, restoring and improving our natural environment.


We are dedicated to packaging our products in the most eco-friendly options available, and in 2018 we released four products in 100% biodegradable and microplastic-free containers. Created in Finland from renewable natural binders and FSC-certified wood chips, these sleek and sophisticated containers can be discarded in the compost when empty and will begin to break down almost immediately, returning completely back to the earth. Zero waste. And the very best part? We are the first company in North America to use them!

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The production of different fabrics often goes hand in hand with harmful chemicals, sprays, substantial waste and soil depletion. In 2018, we made the switch to linen for our sachets, neck pillows and eye pillows. The impact of linen production on the environment is minimal compared to other fabrics, and our new fabrics are certified to Oeko-Tex 100 standards, ensuring they have been produced without harmful or toxic substances.

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We provide all of our shop customers with one paper bag to take their products home in and charge a fee for any additional bags requested at checkout.

Why? Paper bags require a lot of energy to produce and contribute to high carbon emissions. (Really, the best bag is no bag - or reusing, reusing, reusing your reusable bag).

But not only are we trying to reduce unnecessary waste, we're also dedicated to making positive change in our province. All proceeds from additional paper bag sales are donated to Tree Canada’s National Greening Program - a partnership that provides our farm (and our customers!) with the opportunity to support reforestation and restoration of wildlife habitat in BC, contributing to cleaner air, soil and waterways. For every 4 bags purchased, 1 tree seedling is planted in areas of our province devastated by invasive pests and forest fires.

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Our product packaging can be reused, recycled or composted...


Many of our products are packaged in aluminum, which in BC can be easily recycled curbside. Simply remove the label, rinse the container to remove any residue, and toss into your blue bin. Aluminum will be recycled into new aluminum, road signs and window frames!

*exception: the spray tops are not recyclable. However the bottles can easily be refilled and reused for many purposes - a face toner, surface cleaner, indoor plant mister...be creative!


We use dark glass bottles for our essential oils, hydrosols, bath oil and face serums to maintain their quality by limiting deterioration from sunlight. When your bottle is empty, rinse it out and take it to your neighbourhood recycling depot.

*exception: the lids are not recyclable. However the bottles can easily be reused for many purposes - a mini vase, a bottle for infused vinegar, an essential oil blending bottle...whatever you choose!


Our Lip Balm and Perfume Balm are packaged in compostable paperboard containers. Just remove the label and pop into your compost!

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Our garden's unique ecosystem acts as a nectar corridor for pollinators and a habitat for a variety of insects, birds and small animals. Over the years, a variety of factors including monoculture farming and urbanization have contributed to a decrease in floral diversity, making it difficult for migrating pollinators to find nectar and, as a result, pollinate! The plants in our garden bloom in waves, providing food for pollinators throughout the season, and our pond offers them a necessary water source, especially during the long, hot days of summer.

Being a sustainable farm, we embrace a strategic, thoughtful and proactive approach to the prevention and management of pests in the garden, eliminating the need for chemical sprays. Rather than waiting for damage to occur, we walk daily amongst our plants to monitor their health and ensure any problems are caught early. Certain plants act as pest diversions; for example our hops attract aphids away from our roses. Others act as pest repellents, such as alliums which deter moles and deer.



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