4 Ways to use a Skin Serum

Your skin is exposed to the elements year round and as your body's largest organ it deserves daily attention.

3 simple steps ensure you are caring for your skin in consistent manner that is realistic for busy schedules. 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturize 

A plant based skin serum offers your skin hydration, nutrients and exceptional moisturizing.

Our favourite plants to add to serums are: 

Violas: delicate and dainty, they have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Calendula: long valued for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Chamomile: provides anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes irritated skin.

Rosehips: full of beta-carotene and vitamins, the oil is valued for its regenerative qualities. 

In the heat of summer, blooms are picked and dried, then nourishing oils are poured over the flowers to capture and absorb their benefits. Avocado to heal dry, dull skin. Sunflower to retain moisture and protect skin. Jojoba to treat dry and damaged skin.  Apricot Kernel to soften skin and restore its natural moisture balance. 

How to use a Serum:

1. Apply your serum in drops directly to skin and massage gently until it is absorbed.

2. Make your favourite lotion more luxurious, by adding a few drops of serum to it and then massage into your face and neck. 

3. Spritz a few sprays of skin toner into the palm of your hand, add 4 drops of serum, rub your hands together briskly and apply to your face and neck - you'll love the way it glides on and it's a wonderful night time ritual. 

4. A serum is great for moisturizing dry spots - massage 1-2 drops into the affected area. 

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