Simple Tips for After Garden Self-Care

Gardens nurture our well being while we dig in the soil. At the end of a gardening day, our hands and joints can be stiff and in need of nurturing also!  A few easy few tips to keep you going back to the garden day after day. 
washing hands


Before putting on your gardening gloves, protect your fingernails. Prevent soil from accumulating under your nails, with a bar of soap. Press the tips of your nails into the bar so a little soap stays under your nails. When you remove your gloves, use a scrub brush to clean hands and nails, the soap and soil will release as you wash. Lee Valley Tools carries a nylon scrub brush that is gentle and effective. 

Washing hands with soap bar


Garden gloves can leave your hands rough and chapped. To soften and exfoliate your hands, use our Lavender Hand + Body Salt Scrub after you clean your hands, this is very effective to soothe chaffed skin. 

You can also make a simple DIY salt or sugar scrub using kitchen ingredients. Just keep some small containers of the ingredients in your bathroom and its ready to use when needed! 

Once your hands are clean, shea nut butter will help restore, heal and moisturize your skin. Our Rescue Hand + Body Salve is made with organic, unrefined shea nut butter and works like a charm to nourish your skin. 


Years ago, my physio told me to visit the plumbing section of a hardware store and pick up a tube of foam pipe insulation to place on my tool handles. This creates a larger, and a soft, forgiving surface area that is easier on arthritic hands.

One day I discovered a new application for our buckwheat and lavender Neck Pillow.  We sew our neck pillows with 4 channels in them, little squares that are the perfect size to wrap over your sore hands. When my hands ache after a day in the garden, I watch a show and wrap up my hands in its warmth - a really effective way to soothe aching hands at the end of the day! I just keep reheating it until the pain subsides. 



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