Combatting Dry Winter Skin

Our skin needs us more than ever in the winter, but it's not hard to keep it smooth, healthy and happy with just a few simple tricks!

Dry Brushing

When winter rolls around and heart-pumping activities like jogging become more difficult (or less enticing!), you can nourish your skin and help maintain the circulatory health of your body using a quick and easy technique called dry brushing.

Just as it sounds, dry brushing is the gentle brushing of the skin - in the direction of the heart - with a soft-bristled brush or loofah. It's a popular method for stimulating the circulatory system, rejuvenating the nervous system and improving overall muscle tone, and is often used in conjunction with aromatherapy for added benefit to the body.

It's important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to dry brush, as long as it's done in the direction of the heart. Using a brush with natural fibres instead of synthetic will also help avoid irritation to the skin.

For the aromatherapy side, a simple dilution of one or more essential oils in a carrier oil (like jojoba, grapeseed or olive oil) is all you need. We like to use our Lavender Bath and Body Oil for its beautifully fragrant, calming and relaxing aroma.



Step by step:

  • Add a few drops of your oil blend onto your loofah or soft brush.
  • Starting on the soles of the feet, brush in regular strokes to the top of the foot, towards the ankle and up each leg.
  • Start again at your fingertips, towards the wrist and up each arm.
  • Next, brush from your back around to your torso, and from your stomach up to your chest.
  • Finish by rubbing your entire body with your oil blend and then wash off in the shower or bath to remove any residual dead skin cells. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and revitalized!

Face Care

For your face, a natural humectant can work wonders in the wintertime to combat dry skin.

A humectant is any substance which holds onto moisture. Natural humectants such as aloe, honey and glycerin nourish and hydrate deep down into the skin. Synthetic, petroleum-based humectants like PEGs and silicones may irritate sensitive skin and can actually be damaging over time as they only hydrate the top layer of skin while drying out the bottom layers.

Our Dry Skin Face Toner has rose hydrosol as well as vegetable glycerin, both of which aid in retaining moisture to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin. Our Sensitive Skin Face Toner is filled with rose hydrosol too, and is a farm-favourite for rejuvenating dull and tired skin.

Our toners work not only to hydrate the skin, but also to prep the cells to absorb more moisture from a serum or lightweight moisturizer. Concentrated and nutrient-rich, serums are absorbed quickly and penetrate deeply, delivering beneficial nutrients directly into the skin. And if that's not enough, they can be followed with another, heavier moisturizer to really lock in the hydration. You'll be left ready to start your day with your best face forward, regardless of how dry the air may be!


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