How to Prune Lavender in the Spring

Pruning is part of regular lavender maintenance - after your plants have finished blooming in the fall or before they start to throw new green growth in the spring, make sure to trim away all of the spent woody stems and flowers, leaving a neat green mound. If your lavender is very old or has suffered winter damage, trim away all of the dead, woody sections and try using the layering technique to start new plants from the green growth that is left! But be patient - you need to allow enough time for strong, new root systems to develop before separating the new plant from the mother plant's nutrients.

The lavender plants shown in this video are from the L. x. intermedia species and L. angustifolia species, both of which are winter hardy in the Okanagan Valley. Keep in mind when planning your garden that angustifolia lavender plants tend to have a much larger spread than intermedia lavenders.

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  • I learned a lot from this video. Thank you Keely!

    Cathie Pavlik on

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