Who Are We?

Throughout the season, our farm is a busy place with our team working in all areas of the business. We are outside and inside, behind the scenes and at centre stage. But wherever we find ourselves, our goal is the same: grow top quality herbs, produce natural products, and provide an exceptional garden and retail experience that is good for the body, the earth and the soul.

Some of us are


We rise at dawn, working long days under the sun, or rain, or both. Our schedule is dictated by Mother Nature who doesn't really believe in regular shifts or time off.

We have dirt under our fingernails, and sweat dripping down our necks.

We sometimes cut ourselves while picking, and are often pricked by rose thorns, stung by bees, and burnt by the sun. And while we might have sore muscles and tired bodies, our passion is working with the land and we love what we do.

Some of us are


When it's distilling time, we often rise before dawn and work late into the evening. We weigh the plant material, pack the still, collect the oil and hydrosol, empty the still, and repeat.

We usually work alone, with our music turned way up.

Distilling days are long but the season is short; we buckle down and get it done, enjoying the sweet, herbal aromas coming off the still with each batch. The work may be industrial, the temperature usually high, but despite all this we still love what we do.

Some of us are


We use what has been harvested and distilled to create the products we sell.

We evaluate the essential oils and hydrosols for their aroma, and we infuse the herbs in carrier oils. We spend our days in the kitchen; smelling, mixing, blending, melting, counting, pouring, weighing and bottling.

We wear chef hats, lab coats, and sensible shoes.

We often face tight deadlines and last minute requests, but our passion is creating and through the chaos we love what we do.

Some of us are


We greet, we smile, we explain. We showcase the products that have come from the efforts of those in the field and those in the kitchen. We answer questions and anticipate others. We strive to make each visitor's experience a great one by sharing our knowledge and helping them make informed choices.

Whether we find ourselves working in the middle of big crowds or no crowds, our attitude is the same; educate and inspire, for we love what we do.

On our farm, we do a bit of everything. We are vertically-integrated, and work together to make it happen.

There is no middleman or third party.

We are it.

And while the work may sometimes be exhausting or overwhelming or even discouraging, when it really comes down to it - we love what we do.

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