Winter Greenery Arrangements


Before the temperatures drop below freezing, clean out your garden pots, gather up clippings from your garden and create greenery arrangements that will last all winter! 

First, empty your garden pots.

You can use a single pot or set them in a row for a hedge style arrangement.

Gather up prunings from your garden, I always cut more than I think I will need!

These prunings include: scotch pine, red cedar, rosehips, Karl Foerster grass, and mahonia (Oregon Grape).

Choose something for a tall focal point and place it in the centre of your pot.

I often use a tall grass bundle or tall, spindly mahonia.

Place greenery around the outer edge of the pot allowing it to spill over the sides. You can gently bend the stems of the cedar so they droop instead of staying upright.

Around your central focal point, arrange hydrangeas, mahonia, holly, boxwood - something to give it substance and draw the eye to it. Water your pots, to give your greenery some moisture and keep things in place when it freezes. 

Add a string of fairy lights to your arrangement to enjoy during the dark days of winter.

Watch here for more greenery arranging tips!  

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