10 Ways to Use Hydrosols

While a lot of people know about essential oils, hydrosols - often referred to as 'floral waters' - are only just beginning to be appreciated for their incredible versatility. And the truth is - they're pretty amazing!

Here on our farm, we use traditional steam distillation to capture hydrosols from over 10 different aromatic plants that we grow. Basically the process is this: plant material is placed in a hopper with boiling water underneath and as the steam travels up, the plant's oil is extracted. The steam is then cooled back down to its liquid form which now consists of two components: the essential oil and the hydrosol. While essential oils are the highly concentrated essence of a plant, hydrosols are a stable water based product that contains micro-elements of the essential oil.

Much more gentle in potency and aroma than their essential oil counterparts, hydrosols are safe to use without needing to be diluted. Many are exceptional skin toners (thyme is great for oily skin), they are becoming increasingly popular in aromatherapy (think rosemary in a diffuser), and some (like rose) are delicious in a summer cocktail or light meringue!⁠

We love using hydrosols in a number of different ways, and decided to compile a list of some of our favourites for you to try at home...

10 ways to use hydrosols

rose hydrosol

In a diffuser

In a water based diffuser, use 5-10mL Rosemary Hydrosol to improve concentration and help your focus. Cedar hydrosol to create a forest mist in your room.

To Tone & Hydrate

Hydrosols are an excellent way to tone and hydrate skin. Rose Hydrosol is a humectant, so it's especially nice for dry or sensitive skin. After washing your face, apply the hydrosol directly to your skin with a mister or a cotton pad, then seal in the goodness with your favourite moisturizer.

rose hydrosol

To scent lotion

Hydrosols are often used as part of the water base in lotions and creams. You can do this yourself by mixing an unscented lotion in a small bottle with some hydrosol – try 15mL lotion to 5mL hydrosol. If you have a favourite cream in a pump bottle and can’t get the last little bit out of the bottle, add about 15mL of hydrosol, shake well and continue using.

In a cleaning spray

To create a gentle countertop cleaner, mix distilled water, white vinegar and lavender hydrosol. This is also a streak free cleaner for windows, mirrors and stainless steel appliances. Need to remove grease? Add a little liquid dish soap and/or baking soda and rub until clean.

hydrosol cleaning spray

To rinse your dog

Looking for a plant based rinse for your dog? After washing, mix 1 part hydrosol to 3 parts water and use as a final rinse.

To soothe pet's hot spots

Does your dog suffer from hot spots? Try applying Thyme Hydrosol to affected area.

hydrosol dog rinse

To condition hair

Looking for a good scalp conditioner? After washing your hair, massage 5-10mL of Rosemary Hydrosol into your scalp before rinsing.

To rinse your clothes

Add 15-30mL of Lavender Hydrosol to the rinse cycle on your clothes washer.

To iron your clothes

Add Lavender Hydrosol to your iron or place in a mist bottle and spray directly on clothes before ironing.

To soothe a sunburn

Lavender Hydrosol is anti-inflammatory and is an excellent choice for soothing a sunburn or windburn.

 lavender hydrosol

Sunburn Spray Recipe

Combine ingredients in a small 125mL spray bottle. Shake well to incorporate. Keep in fridge. Spray on sunburned skin as needed.

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