How to Ease Eye Strain

 eye pillow to reduce fatigue

With technology ruling our lives during this pandemic, most of us are suffering from eye fatigue. How do we balance work and wellness? Simple routines can help, these are a few of our favourites! 

When fresh air and a brisk walk aren't possible - 

Put an eye pillow in the freezer – place on eyes and rest 5 minutes

Why does this work? Silky flax seeds mold to the shape of your face and blocks light; the cool temperature relieves tension; aromatic lavender helps you relax.  

From cucumber slices, to wet tea bags and rosewater, there are several natural methods to remedy eye fatigue.

A few simple tips to look after your eyes and reduce strain 

Create a meditative space at home, just big enough for your yoga mat and a diffuser, we love our Breathe Diffuser Blend that highlights the aroma of Red Cedar grown and distilled at the farm.

yoga to reduce stress

Looking for some chill Canadian music to freshen up your playlist? Vancouver artist Sam Lynch "takes wallflower hush-rock songs that will stare you down and slow your breathing”....her music is haunting and evocative. 

Some fascinating research into how the rhythm of music can influence our mood and reduce stress...

rest and relaxation

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