Beating B.O. Naturally

Sometimes being human can be a bit uncomfortable, especially when sweat and body odour are involved.

Our bodies perspire to expel toxins and regulate temperature (which - on its own - is odourless), but when the protein-rich secretions from our sweat glands are broken down by bacteria on our skin, the infamous aroma of B.O. is released.

We're made to believe from a young age that these two completely natural occurrences are a bit embarrassing and can easily be avoided with the use of antiperspirants and commercial deodorants. Aluminum compounds clog the sweat glands which inhibits perspiration, while long-lasting synthetic fragrances mask any unwanted smell (and more often than not, irritate the skin and respiratory tract). Ironically, our haste to escape social discomfort has us readily applying unnatural products which actually prevent our bodies from doing what they do naturally - self-regulate.

Switching from a commercial to a natural deodorant can be tough, especially if it's many years in the making. Unused to the pores finally being open, your sweat glands may kick into overdrive for a week or two, and you might notice a more potent aroma coming from your underarms. Don't panic! Trust your body and give it time to get back into the normal swing of things. Once your skin can really breathe again, take a bit of time to experiment with different natural deodorants to find the one that works best for your body. Remember: everyone is different, and what might be great for one person might fall short for another.



Plant-based deodorants are a wonderful solution. There are a lot of benefits out in nature that can be used to work with your body instead of against it.

Take witch hazel, for example. This large shrub throws beautiful yellow and red blooms at the end of winter and has some serious plant power housed in its bark and branches. Through the process of distillation, witch hazel extract is produced - a versatile household staple for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and also quite effective at deodorizing the body.

Being naturally astringent and high in tannins, it tightens and constricts pores rather than clogging them, and helps to remove excess oil and moisture from the skin. Rather than working against your body and stopping it from perspiring, witch hazel works alongside your body to minimize perspiration. Disclaimer: if you are being active and exuding lots of energy, you will still sweat and that's okay!

On our farm, we use witch hazel as the main ingredient for our "Botanical Breeze" Body Deodorizer. It's a gentle and toxin-free solution for sensitive underarms prone to razor burn and irritation and, as a spray, it's also a great choice for those with thick underarm hair as it can sneak past the hair and get directly to the skin.

The only other ingredients are the dynamic deodorizing duo of tea tree essential oil and our farm-produced lavender essential oil. As well as soothing bumps and irritations caused by shaving, these pure and powerful antibacterial essential oils work to eliminate the odour-causing bacteria on the skin, leaving you smelling fresh and clean, naturally!

Botanical Breeze Body Deodorizer

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