How to Winterize your Lavender

Lavender originated in the sunny, hot and dry Mediterranean which means it can be difficult to keep it alive over our colder Canadian winter months. Our farm in the Okanagan is in growing zone 5b and even we have years where we experience loss, so gardeners in cooler growing zones will have a much tougher time. But don't despair! We made this short video with a couple of tips on how you can give your lavender plants their best chance of survival over the winter.

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  • Thank you so much on your advise for lavender,I have it in the right spot now to just be able to winterize it..with having rain for 24 hrs, now I have to get everything ready so when the sun dries things out, I can continue on with the box..Thank you very much…

    Linda on
  • Thanks for this info. Hope it works for us in central Ontario

    Marlene goddard on
  • Thank you!! I’m in Nova Scotia and will use this method for the upcoming winter season.

    Nanccy on
  • Thanks for the advice! I will try the box idea in my zone 5a garden.

    Kate on
  • Awesome, thanks for the tips, I shall follow your advice

    John ffrench on

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