Tea Time

The ritual of drinking tea is an age-old practice, one meant to bring peace, calm nerves, relax the mind, and ease the soul. It is a way of welcoming another, of soothing illness, of inviting sleep, of sharing a meal.

All that from simple infusions of plants and herbs.

Incredible, really, but we wouldn't be the first to say that nature brings people together.

When the water and herbs combine, the delicate flavour awakens memories of summer strolls in the garden, while the gentle aroma reminds us of leisurely afternoons, early mornings and above all, time well spent. Tea begs to be enjoyed slowly, to allow for the mind to still and the soul to centre. For the stresses and anxieties to fade, the worries to cease, and all to be right in the world, at least until we make it to the bottom of the teapot.

farm grown herbal tea for serenity

On our farm, many of the plants and herbs we grow are used in our various tea blends. Each herb is selected for its unique and beneficial properties, and is harvested by hand at its peak to ensure exceptional flavour and quality. And while the harvest of these many herbs is anything but leisurely and far from relaxed, we love the magic of blending our own tea and taking the time, once harvest is complete, to sit back and enjoy a cup or two.

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