The Magic Within our Botanical Body Care Kit

If there is one thing we know better than most, it's that plants have their own special kind of magic that can make you feel radiant! Which is why, when our farm first closed to the public back in 2020, we decided to bottle up this magic to be shipped straight to our customers in our DIY Botanical Body Care Kit. Featuring our very best farm-grown and distilled essential oils, hydrosols and dried herbs, this kit contains everything you need to create two of your own botanical facial toners and bath salts from the comfort of your home. No experience is necessary - the included Blending Handbook will guide you through the process, step by step!

blending aromatherapy kit

When you first unpack your kit, you will find two bottles of our pure lavender essential oil, "English" (an angustifolia lavender with a soft, sweet aroma) and "Grosso" (an intermedia lavender, or lavandin, with a stronger, more camphorous scent). Lavender essential oil has been used since ancient times as a disinfectant and to encourage a restful sleep. These oils can be blended into both your facial toners and your bath salts, should you choose to do so.

pure lavender essential oil

Next up are our hydrosols or floral waters. Depending on the kit you choose, you will either have rosemary, lemon grass and a co-distillation of linden and lavender (our Herbal & Earthy kit) or spearmint, lemon verbena and a co-distillation of rose and lavender (our Floral & Bright kit). Hydrosols are produced during the steam distillation process and are very gentle in both aroma and potency - the perfect ingredients for creating soothing and rehydrating facial toners. The travel-size bottles included in the kit are great for keeping in your purse to easily provide an uplifting spritz after removing a mask. Your skin will thank you!

DIY hydrosol floral water facial toner

Finally we come to the bath salts - such a treat after a long day on your feet or simply to unwind and relax - believe us, you're worth it! Included in the kit are our farm-grown rose petals, calendula petals, lavender buds and orris root, along with a small bag of mineral-rich Epsom salts. Combine them all or curate your own unique blend for a soothing and a therapeutic experience.

farm grown calendula petals bath salt

And the best part about our Botanical Body Care kit? Once you've finished mixing, blending and creating, you can use the remaining hydrosols and essential oils in whichever way you choose! Just remember - have fun and enjoy the magic!

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